Swiggy Introduces Mobile Clinics for Delivery Partners' Health and Safety
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Written by Arushi Sharma
24 May, 2024
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In a groundbreaking move, Swiggy introduces Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) and teleconsultation services, prioritizing the well-being of its delivery partners. The initiative underscores Swiggy's commitment to fostering a culture of wellness and ensuring access to essential healthcare services.
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Swiggy launches Mobile Medical Units & teleconsultation for delivery partners, prioritizing their health & safety.

In a groundbreaking move aimed at prioritizing the well-being of its delivery partners, Swiggy, a prominent name in India's food delivery sector, has unveiled its latest initiative - Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) and teleconsultation services.

These measures form a crucial part of Swiggy's overarching "Delivering Safely" charter, reinforcing its commitment to the health and safety of its workforce.

In collaboration with Dial 4242, Swiggy's Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) are set to revolutionize healthcare accessibility for delivery partners across India.

These units, strategically stationed at convenient locations, offer a spectrum of healthcare services, ranging from routine check-ups encompassing vital sign monitoring to prompt identification and treatment of potential health issues. Moreover, delivery partners will have access to first aid for minor delivery-related injuries, ensuring swift and effective care on the go.

Complementing these services, optometrists within the MMUs will conduct vision screenings and provide essential eye care services, further addressing the holistic health needs of Swiggy's workforce. Additionally, educational sessions conducted within the MMUs will promote wellness practices and preventive care measures, empowering delivery partners to take proactive steps towards maintaining their health.

Commencing its operations in Bengaluru, the MMUs are poised to cater to approximately 200 partners daily, with plans for rapid expansion into other cities in the near future. This move underscores Swiggy's unwavering dedication to fostering a culture of well-being among its delivery partners, ensuring that they receive the necessary support and resources to thrive in their roles.

In tandem with the deployment of MMUs, Swiggy has forged a strategic partnership with the Visit app, powered by Reliance, to offer teleconsultation services to delivery partners and their families.

Through this collaboration, delivery partners gain access to virtual consultations with specialists across various disciplines, including General Medicine, Gynecology, Orthopedics, and Pediatrics. The provision of subsidized rates on prescribed medications further enhances the accessibility of essential healthcare services, underscoring Swiggy's holistic approach towards safeguarding the health of its workforce and their loved ones.

Commenting on the launch of these initiatives, Mihir Shah, Head of Operations at Swiggy, emphasized the pivotal role played by delivery partners in the company's operations, stating, "Our delivery partners are our backbone. These mobile units bring healthcare to them, encouraging them to prioritize their health. By providing access to essential services, we aim to promote a culture of wellness."

Swiggy's proactive measures towards enhancing the health and safety standards for its delivery partners set a commendable precedent within the gig economy landscape, reaffirming its commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.

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