Redcliffe Labs Launches 'Be Your Own Sheroes' Campaign for Cervical Cancer Awareness

Written by Arushi Sharma

Redcliffe Labs is leading the charge against cervical cancer in India with their impactful "Be Your Own Sheroes" campaign. Reaching over 5 million women, this campaign educates and empowers them to prioritize their health through early detection and prevention.

Redcliffe Labs Launches 'Be Your Own Sheroes' Campaign for Cervical Cancer Awareness
Redcliffe Labs' "Be Your Own Sheroes" campaign empowers women across India to fight cervical cancer through education, prevention, and screening. Learn about risk factors, symptoms, and HPV/pap smear tests to take charge of your health!

In response to the urgent need for cervical cancer awareness, Redcliffe Labs has unveiled the 'Be Your Own Sheroes- Learn, Prevent, Screen' campaign during cervical cancer month.

The month-long initiative, commenced in January 2024, focuses on promoting the significance of early detection and preventive measures against cervical cancer. Spanning across 220+ cities in India, the pan-Indian campaign aims to empower women to proactively manage their health.

The campaign, which has already reached over five million people, boasts an impressive 75% engagement rate, creating a lasting impact on the awareness of early detection and preventive measures for cervical cancer.

The initiative educates women about risk factors, symptoms, and available screening options like HPV and pap smear tests, fostering a proactive approach to well-being. Cervical cancer health checkups are emphasized as both feasible and cost-effective, required once every three years.

Dr. Sohini Sengupta, Medical Laboratory Director at Redcliffe Labs, highlighted the campaign's importance, particularly as a significant percentage of working women in India remain unvaccinated against cervical cancer. Stressing the profound impact of early detection and timely treatment, Dr. Sengupta outlined the campaign's mission to increase awareness, encouraging women to prioritize regular screenings and vaccinations. The goal is to create a future where cervical cancer is not only treatable but preventable, contributing to a healthier and more informed society.

The campaign features a multifaceted approach, combining online campaigns across social media platforms with on-the-ground health camps. Webinars and live sessions with experienced oncologists and gynecologists on digital platforms, along with offline awareness camps, form integral parts of the awareness initiative.

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