Philips launches Zenition 90 Motorized C-arm System
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Written by Arushi Sharma
02 Mar, 2024
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Royal Philips introduces the Zenition 90 Motorized, a cutting-edge mobile C-arm system designed to elevate surgical precision in India. Available from Q2 2024, this system tackles complex vascular needs and supports various procedures like cardiac interventions and urology.
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Philips unveils the Zenition 90 Motorized, a high-tech mobile C-arm system for surgeons in India. This motorized system offers improved control, image quality, and workflow efficiency for complex vascular procedures, cardiac interventions, and more.

Royal Philips has unveiled the Zenition 90 Motorized, a cutting-edge motorized mobile C-arm system designed to elevate surgical precision and deliver high-quality care to patients across India.

Anticipated to be available commercially from the second quarter of 2024, the system is poised to address complex vascular requirements and support a range of clinical procedures, including cardiac interventions, pain management, and urology.

The Zenition 90 Motorized introduces a new level of control and efficiency for surgeons through automated workflows and intuitive motorization. Mark Stoffels, Business Leader of Philips Image Guided Therapy Systems, emphasized the system's capacity to provide high image quality critical for navigating challenging vasculature while minimizing contrast use and X-ray dose.

Peeyush Kaushik, VP and Head of Philips Healthcare Innovation Center, Pune, highlighted the system's significance in empowering doctors and hospitals, reinforcing Philips' commitment as a trusted partner in India's healthcare ecosystem.

This launch expands Philips' advanced Zenition C-arm systems portfolio, following the recent introduction of the Philips Zenition 30 C-arm. Independent usability studies garnered positive feedback from clinicians, with 100 percent of users expressing complete control over C-arm movements and 97 percent acknowledging time-saving workflow features.

In alignment with its sustainability initiatives, Philips applied its EcoDesign process to enhance the Zenition 90 Motorized's product life by 25 percent and power efficiency by 13 percent. The system, available in both motorized and non-motorized configurations, underscores Philips' commitment to providing responsible choices to its customers.

As Philips continues to pioneer advancements in medical technology, the Zenition 90 Motorized stands as a testament to the company's dedication to advancing healthcare solutions that prioritize precision, efficiency, and sustainability.

The upcoming commercial availability of this state-of-the-art C-arm system signals a new era in surgical technology, promising enhanced patient outcomes and streamlined procedures for medical professionals across India.

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