Medanta Launches SAVERA Initiative for Early Breast Cancer Detection
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Written by Arushi Sharma
02 Mar, 2024
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The Medanta Foundation's "SAVERA" initiative utilizes Tactile Breast Examination (TBE) performed by trained visually impaired women for early breast cancer detection.
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Medanta Foundation launches "SAVERA" program for early breast cancer detection using Tactile Breast Examination (TBE) by specially trained visually impaired women. This innovative approach offers a high accuracy rate and promotes inclusivity in healthcare.

In a significant move towards proactive healthcare, the Medanta Foundation, a part of the renowned Medanta Group, has unveiled the SAVERA initiative, introducing Tactile Breast Examination (TBE) for early breast cancer screening. Dr. Kanchan Kaur, Senior Director of Breast Care at Medanta, spearheaded the initiative, leveraging the heightened tactile senses of visually impaired women for precise detection.

TBE stands as a pioneering approach to early breast cancer detection, aligning with Medanta's commitment to a holistic healthcare approach. Dr. Kaur underscored the importance of proactive screening, highlighting the impressive 95 percent curability rate for cases detected at an early stage.

As part of the initiative, three out of four Medical Tactile Examiners (MTEs) will initially operate in government medical establishments, with plans to expand coverage to more districts. TBE will be seamlessly integrated into routine consultations, enhancing proactive screening and ultimately improving treatment outcomes.

Dr. Kaur expressed optimism about the initiative's impact, stating, "TBE harnesses the heightened tactile senses of visually impaired women, offering a precise and reliable method for early breast cancer detection. By incorporating this into routine consultations, we aim to create a widespread impact, reaching more women and enhancing the overall effectiveness of breast cancer screening."

The SAVERA initiative not only emphasizes the importance of early detection but also demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity by empowering visually impaired women to play a vital role in the healthcare system. Medanta's innovative approach aligns with its overarching mission to provide accessible and comprehensive healthcare solutions, particularly in the critical area of breast care.

This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant step forward in the field of breast cancer prevention and treatment, showcasing the potential of collaborative efforts between medical professionals and communities for the greater good of public health.

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