AIIMS Delhi Gynecologist Stresses Regular Checkups for Early Breast & Cervical Cancer Detection on World Cancer Day

Written by Arushi Sharma

With 1 in 6 deaths globally linked to cancer, World Cancer Day underscores the critical need for concerted efforts. The day emphasizes prevention, early detection, and effective treatments, with experts highlighting the importance of regular checkups and vaccinations.

AIIMS Delhi Gynecologist Stresses Regular Checkups for Early Breast & Cervical Cancer Detection on World Cancer Day
World Cancer Day rallies the world to combat cancer's impact, with alarming statistics highlighting the need for urgent action.

World Cancer Day, observed today, rallies for global action to combat the devastating impact of cancer, aiming to prevent millions of avoidable deaths through education and awareness. With cancer contributing to 1 in every 6 deaths globally, the day underscores the need for concerted efforts from governments and individuals alike.

As of 2022, cancer has resulted in an estimated 20 million new cases and 9.7 million deaths worldwide, a figure expected to surge by 77 percent by 2050, according to the World Health Organization. Breast, lung, colon, rectum, and prostate cancers are the most prevalent globally.

In 2020, breast cancer emerged as the most widespread, while lung cancer led in fatalities. The Indian Council of Medical Research's National Cancer Registry Programme (ICMR-NCRP) projected over 3.4 lakh cervical cancer cases in India by 2023.

Former Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at AIIMS Delhi, Dr. Neerja Bhatla, stressed the significance of regular checkups for early detection of breast and cervical cancer. She also highlighted the effectiveness of the indigenous vaccine, Cervavac, in treating cervical cancer.

Cancer not only poses a threat to individual health but also presents a substantial challenge for families and societies. Up to 50 percent of cancers can be prevented by avoiding tobacco and alcohol, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and timely vaccinations. Early detection and treatment significantly enhance the chances of a complete cure, emphasizing the importance of regular screenings.

On World Cancer Day, the global community unites to address the critical issues surrounding cancer, aiming to reduce its impact and bring about positive change. The emphasis on prevention, early detection, and effective treatments underscores the shared responsibility in the fight against this formidable adversary.

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